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What is "Gpmon"?

Gpmon is an alert management tool used for monitoring website availability and errors. It visualize some informations about your website or blog directly in your GPRS or WAP Phone.


Monitors if website redirect to an other address.
Monitors if page exists.
Monitors web server status.
Monitors for MYSQL errors.
Monitors the page dimension.


You can control the functionality of your website, with your telephone, from where you want.
Do not to power the computer.
Do not to be with the anguish if all works.
Nothing to be installed on your computer.
GRPS/WAP connection have low cost.


View with emulator:a sample page with NO errors

View with emulator:a sample page with MYSQL error

View with emulator:a sample page NOT FOUND error


Insert a link to in the page that you want to monitor. Return here and insert your website URL in the form below, he will automatically generate the link to recall data from your phone. You can add a bookmark on your telephone. Verify every time that you want.



Gpmon is present in:

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